Why you shouldn't copy your tech idols

For this episode of Dalton + Michael, we dig into why some advice givers might be tempted to say “Do as I say, not as I DID.”

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Dalton Caldwell and Michael Seibel in front of the text "Tech Idols"

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Check out the new YC Library

by Greg Kumparak8/18/2023

Today we’re excited to show you the reimagined YC Library — a new hub for the best videos, talks,essays, and more that Y Combinator creates for startup founders.

YC’s Group Partners share their worst investor meetings

by Garry Tan8/17/2023

Before any of us were Group Partners at YC, we were founders. We know how it feels to be in the hot seat when you’re raising money, and we’ve seen just how many ways an investor meeting can go wrong. For the latest episode of Office Hours, we tell some of those stories.

Peek into the latest YC batch in our new series, Founder FAQ

by Greg Kumparak8/9/2023

There are a thousand stories behind every startup. Our newest video series, Founder FAQ, aims to scratch the surface on some of these stories for the latest YC companies.

Does your startup need to be in SF? Dalton & Michael say...

by Dalton Caldwell8/1/2023

If you’re starting a company, does it need to be in San Francisco? One rare aspect of this episode: it’s one where Dalton and Michael disagree.

Introducing our newest video series: Office Hours

by Garry Tan, Greg Kumparak7/21/2023

Many of the billion dollar startups you know and love had to pivot, and that’s what the first episode of our newest video series Office Hours is about.

Dalton & Michael on what AI means for the future of startups

by Greg Kumparak7/13/2023

Will ever-evolving AI models grow to consume the idea of startups as we know it, or is this the beginning of a whole new era for startups — akin to the arrival of the iPhone?