Building Confidence In Yourself and Your Ideas

People are going to have feedback about your startup idea — how do you make sense of it all?

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Bootstrap or VC?

by Dalton Caldwell2/5/2024

In this episode of Dalton & Michael, we’ll explain why the "Bootstrap or raise Venture Capital?" debate is a much simpler one than many make it out to be.

Backstory: How Tom Blomfield founded two billion-dollar companies

by Garry Tan1/30/2024

There aren’t a ton of people in the world who can say they founded a billion dollar company. There are far fewer that can say they did it twice. YC Group Partner Tom Blomfield is one of those few — this is his backstory.

Why do investors say you need a business co-founder?

by Dalton Caldwell1/11/2024

Every software company needs a technical co-founder. But what kind of co-founder does the technical founder need?

The asymmetric upside of being positive

by Dalton Caldwell12/21/2023

Dalton & Michael on the best ways for founders to think about weighing optimism and pessimism in their day-to-day lives.

New year, new company - 10 additional spots in W24 for late applicants

by Y Combinator12/7/2023

The end of the year is a time of reflection and when many founders decide it's time to make a change and get serious about their startup. Thus, we are opening up at least 10 additional spots in the W24 batch for companies that apply now via a special application process.

Why you really DO need a technical co-founder

by Dalton Caldwell11/30/2023

Based on the thousands of companies YC has funded over the years, companies lacking a technical co-founder underperform. In this episode of Dalton + Michael, we’ll discuss exactly why that is.