Hard Tech Companies, Then and Now

Most people know YC for funding software companies. But some of our most successful companies are the ones doing incredible things in the real world — the hard tech companies.

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Build for customers, not VCs

by Dalton Caldwell3/21/2024

It’s easy to analyze your way out of taking the first step. It’s something we see a lot, particularly when founders try to choose what to build based on what they think VCs will like.

The Reddits

by Paul Graham3/21/2024

"I met the Reddits before we even started Y Combinator. In fact they were one of the reasons we started it," writes PG.

Michael Seibel on his next ten years at YC

by Garry Tan, Michael Seibel3/15/2024

Earlier today Michael shared an update with the YC community, outlining a shift to his role within YC moving forward.

Pivoting to a billion-dollar idea: Lessons from Clipboard Health founder Wei Deng

by Greg Kumparak3/6/2024

Many of the greatest companies in YC’s history pivoted along the way. Here's the story of how Clipboard Health founder Wei Deng found an idea worth over $1B.

Building Confidence In Yourself and Your Ideas

by Dalton Caldwell2/29/2024

People are going to have feedback about your startup idea — how do you make sense of it all?

One-off Early Interviews for Summer 2024 - Apply by Feb 21st

by Y Combinator2/16/2024

We’re planning to do a special one-off round of early interviews for the next YC batch. If you want to do the next batch of YC, you should consider applying now by Feb 21 so you can get a faster decision (and earlier funding).