15 Companies from the YC Summer 2018 Batch

by Y Combinator8/7/2018

At Y Combinator, founders decide when they want to announce that they’re part of the program. Meet 15 of the companies who recently announced that they’re part of the YC Summer 2018 batch. See more companies from the S18 batch here and here.

Kobo360 gives companies access to a large pool of trucks in Africa. Drivers conveniently find loads they want, are paid instantly, and get reverse goods. The extensive data gathered through the Kobo platform provides integral insights into driving efficiency to supply chain operations of medium and large enterprises. Read more about Kobo360 in TechCrunch.

Grin is a network of shared electric scooters in Latin America. Grin brings the rental scooter solution to a region that is filled with densely populated cities that have heavy traffic problems. Read more about Grin in Axios.

ZBiotics makes genetically engineered probiotics. Their founder is a PhD scientist who spent two years inventing their first product: a novel probiotic built to prevent a hangover. ZBiotics’ probiotic is not just the first ingredient created from scratch to address a hangover; it’s also the world’s 1st genetically engineered probiotic, period. Read more about ZBiotics in TechCrunch.

MentalHappy helps large businesses send thoughtful care packages to employees when they have a difficult life event. At large companies, it’s challenging for Office Managers or HR directors to address life changes of all employees. This leads to employees coming into work after experiencing painful life events (such as a loss of a loved one, divorce, or illness) feeling distracted or disengaged, which ultimately affects companies’ bottom line. Read more about MentalHappy in TechCrunch.

Splish is a new short-form video sharing app targeting people under 25. Instead of influencer-filled highlight reels, Splish’s community uses looping effects to share everyday moments. Splish was founded by ex-Snapchat, Facebook, and Team 10 engineers. Read more about Splish in TechCrunch.

Kyte is a smart SMS app that blocks spam and automatically organizes your inbox. It is intended for the Indian market where SMS is the primary mode of communication for finance and commerce transactions and 60% of messages are spam. SMS alerts usage in India has exploded over the last three years and spam remains an unsolved problem. Read more about Kyte in The Times of India.

Alpha Vantage provides affordable, low-friction API access to financial market data including stocks, currencies, cryptocurrencies, and quantitative trading signals. These APIs allow developers to create digital assets such as iOS/Android apps and assist investors with trading decisions. Alpha Vantage has 100,000+ registered users making 300 million+ API requests on a daily basis. Read more about Alpha Vantage in AmericanInno.

Kinside is an employee benefit that allows companies to contribute to employee childcare costs, and lightens the mental load of managing a childcare provider. The employer applies pre-tax funds directly to childcare, making Kinside tax free for both the employer and employee. Kinside handles the payments and paperwork for parents using the benefit. Read more about Kinside in TechCrunch.

Goodly makes it easy for companies to offer student loan repayment as an employee benefit. This helps them recruit and retain top talent and improve diversity and inclusion. Women hold two-thirds of student debt and owe half a trillion dollars more in student debt than their male colleagues. African American employees hold 31% more student loan debt than their white peers, and LGBTQ student loan borrowers owe 17% more than the general population. An employer contribution of less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day will help the average employee pay off their student loans 8.5 years faster than they otherwise would. Read more about Goodly in TechCrunch.

JITx Inc designs circuit boards faster and cheaper as a service. Today, every circuit board is manually designed by skilled engineers. JITX software uses AI to design circuit boards automatically. Read more about JITx Inc in TechCrunch.

Send Reality creates virtual walkthroughs for real estate. The next time you shop for a house, apartment, or vacation rental, you’ll be able to walk through the property as if you were there in person, from the comfort of your seat. Because Send Reality constructs full 3D models (vs. 360 degree photos), the experience is like a video game right in your web browser. See example here. Read more about Send Reality in TechCrunch.

The Buttermilk Company sells instant Indian meals delivered to your doorstep, made in 5 minutes by just adding hot water. The fresh packets are delivered nationwide, and are vegan, preservative-free, and taste just like mom’s cooking. Read more about The Buttermilk Company in TechCrunch.

MOMENTUS Space is developing the first in-space rockets powered by water to deliver satellites from low-earth orbit to higher orbits and beyond. Momentus rockets use solar energy to heat water with microwaves up to superheated gas, and eject the water through the nozzle to create thrust. Read more about MOMENTUS Space in TechCrunch.

Scanwell Health has created the first and only FDA-cleared urine testing app. They allow anyone to test at home by taking a picture of a test strip for instant clinical grade results. Their first test provides on-demand relief for urinary tract infections. Using Scanwell, anyone can test their urine in 3 minutes and receive a prescription for antibiotics the same day. Read more about Scanwell Health in TechCrunch.

ZiffyHomes manages co-living, furnished housing for millennials in India. With 1500+ customers currently, its property management solution is maximizing home owners’ rentals with long-term leases and keeping their property maintained. Read more about ZiffyHomes in The Economic Times.


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