7 Companies From the YC Winter 2018 Batch

by Y Combinator2/16/2018

Meet 7 companies that announced they’re part of the YC Winter 2018 batch this week:

ClearBrain helps marketers predict which users will convert or churn on their app. It lets you identify high-probability users in minutes, and retarget them in your ads, emails, and AB tests without writing a line of code. It’s GoogleML for marketers. TheSkimm, a current customer, is seeing a ~40% lift in upgrades from emails and ads. Read more about ClearBrain in TechCrunch.

CoinTracker is a cryptocurrency portfolio manager that automatically syncs balances and transactions. Once a user connects their wallets or exchanges, CoinTracker automatically and continuously tracks and updates their holdings and performance. CoinTracker supports over 2,000 cryptocurrencies. Read more about CoinTracker in TechCrunch.

Groww is making investing simple for new investors in India. They make it very easy to invest in mutual funds. Groww was started by former Flipkart employees who had a hard time when they first started investing. They wanted to build a product that would really work for Indian millennials. Read more about Groww in Economic Times.

Pulse Q&A is building Quora for technology buyers, starting with CIOs. They give their users crowdsourced insights and data so they can make smarter decisions at work. They already have a great lineup of CIOs using it — including Manjit Singh (Clorox), Tim Campos (former Facebook), Mike Kail (former NFLX, Yahoo!), Prakash Kota (Autodesk), Anil Earla (Visa) and others. The combined buying budget for their current users is over $1B (and Global IT spends $3T annually). Read more about Pulse Q&A in TechCrunch.

Sketchbox lets you design AR & VR apps without writing code. They’ve made it easy for any designer to create AR/VR experiences. It’s like Photoshop for AR/VR. Companies including 3M, Facebook and SapientRazorfish are already using Sketchbox to design their AR/VR apps. Sketchbox lets you go from an idea to a headset in minutes, which allows you to iterate faster, get approvals faster and ultimately build better products. Read more about Sketchbox in TechCrunch.

Supermedium is establishing the open Web as the foundation for VR. Their first product is building a fully VR browser for Web-based VR content. Initially, the browser will feature dozens of experiences that load in seconds. The app store is removed from the equation, so anyone can freely publish content like a normal webpage. Supermedium is founded by Diego Marcos and Kevin Ngo, the team that helped pioneer WebVR and built A-Frame, the most popular framework for developing VR for the Web. Read more about Supermedium in TechCrunch.

Tarjimly (non-profit) connects the world’s bilingual speakers to the 65 million refugees worldwide using Facebook Messenger. It allows anyone to volunteer their language skills to help refugees and immigrants struggling to communicate with doctors, lawyers, and NGOs using realtime chat, phone, and video calling. Our community has over 2,500 volunteer translators that, as of this week, have helped over 1,000 refugees and aid workers. The average response time is 90 seconds and we’re now available in 16 different languages. Our goal is to build a new way for the entire world to help refugees. Read more about Tarjimly in TechCrunch.


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