8 Companies From YC Winter 2018

by Y Combinator3/9/2018

Meet 8 companies that recently announced they’re part of the YC Winter 2018 batch. (You can see more companies from the YC W18 batch here, here, and here.)

Ovipost is automating insect farming. Insects are efficient at converting feed and water into nutritionally-dense proteins for human food and livestock feed. Ovipost will reduce the cost of bio-manufacturing insects, starting with technology for automated harvesting and reproductive cycle management of crickets. Read more about Ovipost in TechCrunch.

Ropeo is a monthly subscription box of preselected clothes for you to try before buy. Think StitchFix for Latin America that lets customers use cash, with no upfront payment to get the box. In Colombia, Ropeo’s first market, only 2% of clothing is purchased online. Moreover, only 23% of the above age population is a credit card holder, compared to 69% in the U.S. So, Ropeo accepts cash upon pickup (they own the last mile), bringing brand-new consumers into clothing e-commerce. Read more about Ropeo in TechCrunch.

SafetyWing is building global health insurance for digital nomads. Millions of people telecommute or work remotely from foreign countries, but normal insurance doesn’t cater to the masses working from coffee shops. SafetyWing offers medical coverage (including doctor/hospital visits and prescriptions) worldwide, at a monthly subscription of $37. Read more about SafetyWing in TechCrunch.

Arrow is Instagram for Augmented Reality. Videos of the real world can be really boring and Arrow makes them fun. Users can attach texts and emojis to the real world, and share videos of it. The app is still in public beta, but users have already created 20k videos.

CodeStream is team chat for developers, built directly into your source code editor. For the first time, developers can discuss code where they code. Early reaction to CodeStream has been overwhelmingly positive. During the first public presentation of the product at Developer Week In Oakland CA last month, over 400 companies signed up to try the product. CodeStream was created by the team that invented the social news feed in 2003 with Multiply.com (acquired by Naspers). The founders have been working together for 22 years and have collectively done five successful exits, including Ask.com (acquired by IAC). Read more about CodeStream in TechCrunch.

Curious Fictions is a place where professional authors can connect with their readers and make recurring income on their work. By invitation only, authors can create profiles, publish story reprints, and accept payments from followers. Read more about Curious Fictions in TechCrunch.

PROVEN is a tech-enabled beauty startup that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to create personalized skin care products for consumers. Customers fill out an online quiz (questions cover ethnicity, skin concerns, lifestyle, and geographic location) and receive unique skin insights and a set of tailor made skin care products based on findings from PROVEN’s beauty database. The database, nicknamed ‘The Beauty Genome Project’ was built by using bots and algorithms to analyze more than 8 million consumer reviews, 100,000 skincare products, 20,000 ingredients and over 4,000 scientific articles. Read more about PROVEN in TechCrunch.

Worklytics gives managers actionable feedback on the work habits of their team to help them improve productivity and engagement. It analyzes activity data from tools like Google Docs, Calendar and Slack. Worklytics can identify people at risk of burnout from excessive overtime, warn about un-productive meetings and meeting habits, ensure managers have regular 1-on-1s with team members and track how well new hires are integrating into a team. Read more about Worklytics in TechCrunch.


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