9 Companies from the YC Summer 2018 Batch

by Y Combinator7/25/2018

At Y Combinator, founders decide when they want to announce that they’re part of the program. Meet 9 of the companies who have announced that they’re part of the YC Summer 2018 batch.

Emptor helps companies find local facilities and maintenance providers (e.g. janitors, landscapers, and HVAC repair technicians). It’s like Thumbtack for the enterprise. Emptor also uses machine learning to classify spend and provide actionable recommendations for cost reduction. Read more about Emptor in TechCrunch

INKHUNTER is an augmented reality app that lets users virtually try on any tattoo. The company is now building a marketplace to allow its 8 Million users to directly book tattoo artists. Read more about INKHUNTER in TechCrunch

Dinesafe crowdsources food poisoning reports and helps detect and prevent outbreaks. Food poisoning sickens 48 million, and kills 3,000 every year in the US. The total national cost of foodborne illness is estimated at $55 to $92 billion per year. Dinesafe simplifies food poisoning reporting with its platform Iwaspoisoned.com. Iwaspoisoned.com detects outbreaks in real time. It detected Chipotle’s first major foodborne illness outbreak in real time, and was able to predict that Chipotle would have food safety issues prior to their spate of outbreaks. They have 25k consumer subscribers and they offer data services, surveillance, benchmarking, and analytics to industry and public health agencies.

CowryWise is a wealth management platform for Africans. It enables young Africans to automate their savings and investments. These services are currently only available to high net-worth individuals in Africa. Read more about CowryWise in TechCrunch

Tall Poppy helps companies protect their employees from online harassment and abuse. The service combines proactive security awareness training and threat intelligence with compassionate care in cases where employees are targets of stalking, revenge porn, or other nastiness. The founders come from backgrounds at startups and the ACLU and the CFPB. Read more about Tall Poppy in TechCrunch

HoneyLove is introducing Sculptwear – an alternative to traditional shapewear that gives a smooth and tucked-in look under clothing, without the bunching/rolling that’s common in all current shapewear. The company’s first body-sculpting undergarment has raised $350k in preorders so far and starts shipping this week. HoneyLove was started by Betsie Larkin, a Top 40 dance music recording artist who created the first prototype because she was performing in front of huge crowds, and needed stage-worthy shaping garments. Unlike traditional shapewear that squeezes the body uniformly, Sculptwear applies the perfect amount of compression to each body area and gently supports posture. Read more about HoneyLove in TechCrunch

RevenueCat is a mobile SDK and web API that greatly simplifies building and growing mobile in-app subscriptions. The founders came up with the idea while building Elevate (Apple’s 2014 app of the year). They wasted too much time dealing with the in-app subscription code and not focusing on the core app experience. Read more about RevenueCat in TechCrunch

Seattle Food Tech makes delicious and affordable plant-based chicken for the institutional food service market by designing novel and efficient food processing equipment and facilities that enable large scale, low-cost production. Read more about Seattle Food Tech in TechCrunch

Outvote is a friend-to-friend SMS app for political campaigns — it tells you which of your friends are registered to vote and helps you reach out on behalf of your favorite campaign. The endorsement of a trusted friend is 10,000x more effective than ad impressions at increasing voter turnout. Outvote aims to have every U.S. voter receive a text from a friend this November. Read more about Outvote in TechCrunch


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