Airmada (YC W16) Helps Companies Make the Most Out of Automated Drones

by Y Combinator3/17/2016

It is widely agreed that the drone services industry is exploding.
The elephant in the room of this economy, however, is that enterprise drone operations as they’re done today
cannot scale — and thus are frequently more expensive than competing
alternatives. The drone flight itself is already fully autonomous, but
it is only a small part of the process.

Airmada is a company in our Winter 2016 class that has created a platform to help companies handle some of the difficult to manage details around commercial drone use. Airmada builds and deploys drone terminals
on customers’ sites that drastically reduce the cost of
operating drones.

TechCrunch’s Jay Donovan wrote about Airmada in a story published today:

“There are many problems that are currently holding back commercial
use of drones. You have to know how to fly them or set up autonomous
flight. You have to transport them to the right location where they are
needed. You need qualified inspection and maintenance.

Despite these barriers, there are many companies still in need of
drones for everything from precision agriculture, to aerial photography
to small maritime deliveries.

[Airmada founders Dan] Danay and [Boris] Lipchin are aiming at all of these categories with their
offering, however maritime deliveries are especially ripe for
disruption, according to the duo.”

Read the full story on TechCrunch here.


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