Exclusive access to software deals for employees at YC companies

by Oliver Ortlieb10/6/2022

We are thrilled to announce that employees at YC companies can now leverage one of the major benefits previously only available to YC founders – YC Deals. Through YC Deals, employees have access to more than 100 discounts and exclusive offers on industry leading tools. There are already $500,000 worth of free credits and discounts available, and new deals are constantly being added.

We built YC Deals for our companies with a growing team. The founders still want to take advantage of the wide variety of discounts and free credits that YC companies receive, but their employees don’t have access to Bookface (our internal platform for YC founders), where these exclusive deals are listed. Now any employee of a YC company can redeem these deals and help their company save money.

Building something new? There are dozens of dev tools like PostHog, Fivetran, and OneSignal.  First HR or ops hire? Get Deel and Stable up and running at a discount. In charge of security? Check out Vanta.  Also find deals on startup staples, like Gusto, GitHub, Algolia, and Amplitude. Help build and grow your company using world-class tools on a startup budget.

Employees at YC companies can access YC Deals by completing a simple email verification flow using their company email address here.

If you’d like to offer a deal to the YC community and their employees, you can submit one here.

Any additional questions about YC Deals? Visit our FAQs here.


  • Oliver Ortlieb

    Oliver is a two-time YC founder, who participated in the S13 and W17 batches. He has built 3D printing factories that run from a web browser, digital asset management tools, and custom-fit face masks.