Apply to YC on Your Schedule

by Lindsay Amos1/14/2021

We want to better support founders by giving them access to YC whenever it’s best for them, regardless of our batch timeline. While it has always been an option to apply year-round to YC, we’re now formalizing it with an early deadline.

Now, founders can apply for an early interview to the Summer 2021 batch. If we receive your application by Wednesday, January 27 at 8pm PT, we will consider you for an early February interview (instead of regular interviews, which begin in late April).

Although the Summer 2021 batch won’t officially start until June, if you’re accepted early, you’ll gain access to many YC resources immediately.

Aside from this additional deadline, we’ve also put more systems in place to review more applications and interview more founders throughout the year. We know every day counts for startups, especially in the early days, and we hope this gives founders more flexibility.

Apply here.


When will I know if I’m invited for an early interview?

If you apply by the early deadline (January 27), we’ll reply to you in early February to let you know if we’d like to interview you early or if we need more time to review your application. If we need more time, then you’ll hear back from us with a decision by late April/May, along with all other on-time applicants.

Do I need to apply again at the regular deadline?

No, if we don’t interview you early, we’ll consider your application for regular interviews.

What if I don’t want to be considered for an early interview?

If you want to apply now but not be considered for an early interview, just make a note on your application and we’ll honor the request.


  • Lindsay Amos

    Lindsay Amos is the Senior Director of Communications at Y Combinator. In 2010, she was one of the first 30 employees at Square and the company’s first comms hire.