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Lessons on building hardware from the founders of Eight Sleep

by Greg Kumparak5/8/2024

The co-founders of Eight Sleep share some things they've learned about building hardware over the last 10 years

Getting to know YC's newest Group Partner, David Lieb

by Greg Kumparak4/24/2024

Last week we shared some awesome news: David Lieb, the creator of Bump (part of the summer 2009 batch!) and Google Photos, has joined YC as a Group Partner. I sat down with David to hear more about his incredible story so far.

Pivoting to a billion-dollar idea: Lessons from Clipboard Health founder Wei Deng

by Greg Kumparak3/6/2024

Many of the greatest companies in YC’s history pivoted along the way. Here's the story of how Clipboard Health founder Wei Deng found an idea worth over $1B.

The 10-Year “Overnight” Success Story of Casetext

by Greg Kumparak11/15/2023

How did Casetext evolve into one of the biggest AI success stories? YC's Garry Tan talks with Casetext co-founder Jake Heller to find out

Design Review: How to convert more visitors into customers

by Greg Kumparak10/26/2023

Getting people to visit your startup’s website is just step one. Getting them to actually sign up or buy something is a whole different challenge — and it’s one where good design is crucial. Join YC's Aaron Epstein and Pete Koomen as they share tips for turning more visitors into actual customers.

Office Hours: YC’s Group Partners share advice on actually getting things done

by Greg Kumparak10/6/2023

For this episode of Office Hours, the Group Partners are talking about productivity — what works for the founders they help, and, perhaps more importantly, what doesn’t.

Design Review: Building a better mobile app

by Greg Kumparak9/1/2023

There’s a lot to think about when designing mobile apps, where seemingly small details can have a big impact. Viewers have been asking for a mobile-focused episode of Design Review — and here it is!