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Y Combinator Top Companies — July 2021

by Y Combinator7/1/2021

YC companies raise money year round — leading to the YC Top Companies list becoming outdated almost as soon asit’s published. To combat this, moving forward the list will be refreshed everysix months, in February and July. With that said, explore our newest list, whichnow includes more than 160 companies valued at $150M+. Together, the companieson July’s list are valued at more than $400B+ and have created more than 70,000full-time jobs.

Come Work at YC

by Y Combinator6/8/2021

Y Combinator's legal and software teams, and YC Continuity are hiring. Learn more about the open roles.

Y Combinator Top Companies — 2021

by Y Combinator1/12/2021

We’re excited to share the newest YC Top Companies list. We put this list together tohelp potential employees, partners, and late stage investors get to know a widerset of YC companies. If you’re looking for a job at one of our top companies,you can hit the Jobs button to be taken to their careers page.The companies in this list are sorted by valuation as of January 2021, includingYC companies that have been acquired or gone public.

Understanding Startup Stock Options

by Y Combinator9/16/2020

Benjamin Beltzer is an early engineerat Berbix (S18) , a startupbuilding identity verification and fraud deterrence as a service. He previouslyfounded his own company and worked at both Apple and other startups.Ben wrote a great resource on understanding and evaluating stock options. Withhis permission, we’ve shared an excerpt from his piece covering the basics.

Next steps

by Y Combinator6/9/2020

Within our organization and community of over 5,000 founders, we have begun aconversation about what we can do to help improve racial and social justice inAmerica.The first action we are taking as a community is to collect a list oforganizations that are making a serious impact in this space. The YC communityhas come up with over 60 organizations and YC partners, staff, and alumni havemade donations to every one of them.

An Update on YC S20 International Interviews

by Y Combinator3/17/2020

The Summer 2020 batch is still on, however due to safetyconcerns relating to COVID-19, YC staff will no longer be traveling to dointerviews. We will still be interviewing startups from all over the world (withsafety modifications), but local interviews in Bangalore, Paris and São Pauloare canceled.To keep founders and YC staff safe, we won’t be making founders travel forinterviews and are testing out solutions for remote interviews.

YC Winter 2020 Batch Stats

by Y Combinator3/16/2020

Today, we’re excited to introduce you to YC’s 30th batch.To keep the community safe, we’re hosting YC W20Demo Day online. While the Demo Day website is only accessible to investors, youcan see a list of the companies that are presenting on-the-record here.You can also read about the companies in TechCrunch here[https://techcrunch.