(YC S13) lets you share music tracks across iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, Rdio and YouTube.

by Y Combinator12/5/2013

Competition for listeners among digital music companies is tough (and getting tougher). But while each builds a business that it hopes will stand out enough from the rest of the pack, a new startup called, incubated at Y-Combinator this past summer, is blurring those distinctions a bit, with a platform that meshes all the services together on a universal platform — a “canonical home for music on the internet,” as’s co-founder and CEO Shehzad Daredia puts it.

Bop works like this: You can search for and listen to any song on detects what music subscriptions you may have and provides tracks from those services first — currently it catalogues streaming services Spotify and Rdio, as well as free services like YouTube and SoundCloud, and paid-for download services like iTunes, Amazon and Google Play; it plans to add more. In cases where you do not subscribe to Spotify or Rdio, or the track is not available on either, a user is given a YouTube link, or a SoundCloud link. You also get options to buy and download tracks. In each case, what has done is use the digital “fingerprint” of each track effectively to map each of these services on top of each other so that you get just one option for listening to it, and one for purchasing.

Then, you can create a link to that song to share with others. That link comes back to, and as with your original listening experience, detects which services you use before serving a result.

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