Bumped From Your Hotel? WalkSource (YC S14) Aims To Find You A Free Room Fast

by Y Combinator8/14/2014

You’re probably familiar with getting bumped from a flight. But have you ever been “walked” from a hotel?

Like airlines, hotels book more reservations than they can accommodate to ensure they are always operating at maximum capacity. But sometimes they overbook and have to “walk” their customers — transfer them to another hotel.

When Brett Leonard was working at a hotel in San Francisco, he often spent hours trying to find other hotels to walk customers to. He said they would become disgruntled and angry when it would take him hours to find them alternative hotels, sometimes as far away as Napa and Walnut Creek.

“This happens all the time,” Leonard’s partner Vladimir Blumen said. “When you run a really large hotel, it’s part of running this business.”

That’s why Leonard and Blumen joined Max Izmaylov and Jakub Vysoky to create WalkSource.


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