Cashfree Automates Payouts and Bank Transfers for Indian Businesses (YC S17)

by Y Combinator10/25/2017

Cashfree is India’s first payment gateway that automates inbound and outbound bank transfers. This replaces the slow, error prone alternative of uploading Excel files for bulk payments or manually reconciling payments received via bank transfers. Using Cashfree, payments that take 2-3 days to process happen instantly, independent of banking hours.

Cashfree helps businesses like fintech platforms and marketplaces to easily setup custom payment flows to receive and disburse money.

Cashfree is being used for crowdfunding campaign settlements; supply chain collections by distributors; marketplace vendor settlements; instant deposits and withdrawals at bitcoin exchanges; payroll for on-demand economy workers; loan disbursal and repayment by lenders; modern ERP and accounting tools for invoice payments; instant refunds at payment gateways, versus 5-7 days presently.

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