Click & Grow (YC S15) Lets You Grow An Indoor Garden With Zero Effort

by Alexis Ohanian7/15/2015

Click & Grow is a startup in our current class that has built a stunningly easy-to-use system for growing a garden indoors.

The freshest and best tasting produce and herbs are the kind you grow yourself. But traditionally home gardening has required at least two things: a lot of space in the sun, and a fair amount of time and effort for tending to the plants. Click & Grow takes care of both of those things, with a self-watering indoor gardening device that requires zero natural sunlight. With Click & Grow, plants can grow faster while using 95% less water.

The company is officially launching out of Y Combinator this week, but has already fielded incredible demand for its “Smart Herb Garden” devices which are for sale at Home Depot and on Amazon: The startup has shipped some 250,000 products to date.

As Digital Trends wrote in an article published today, Click & Grow’s larger next-generation “Smart Farm” and “Smart Mini-Farm” devices could be incredibly useful both inside the home, and for larger food production needs:

“Thanks to the its own proprietary nanotech Smart Soil growth medium,
ultra-efficient LED grow lights, and electronic precision irrigation
systems, it won’t matter whether or not you have a green thumb. The
plants are automatically provided with the ideal amount of water, light,
and nutrients, enabling them to grow more efficiently.

Currently in the works are Click & Grow’s Smart Farm and Smart Mini Farm,
which will bring higher yields to families, restaurants, and even the
pharmaceutical industry — without pesticides or GMOs.”

Read more about Click & Grow in Digital Trends here.


  • Alexis Ohanian