CloudMedx (YC W15) Helps Doctors Spot Patients Who Will Need Expensive Treatment

by Y Combinator2/18/2015

“Despite incentives provided by the Affordable Care Act and the prevalence of the cloud in most of our lives, the software used by the health care industry continues to lag behind what you find in the consumer space or most big enterprises.

When was the last time you went to a doctor? To check, you’d probably check one of your calendar apps for an appointment. How were you doing — was it a regular scheduled trip, or an impromptu visit because of a persistent cold? Do you remember how the doctor or nurse practitioner treated your issues?

The fact that those questions aren’t easy to answer for most people is an opportunity for startups like Y Combinator-backed CloudMedx, who’s building a suite of physician- and patient-facing apps that together lead to better, cheaper outcomes.”


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