Convox (YC S15) Makes It Easier For Companies To Use AWS

by Alexis Ohanian8/13/2015

Every year, companies spend more than $15 billion on cloud-based infrastructure services such as Amazon Web Services. But despite those massive bills, companies still have to deal with a limited list of
supported software and services, unpredictable uptime, and an extremely difficult experience while trying to debug apps that are running.

Convox is a company in our current class that helps take care of all those issues, promising to make AWS itself as easy to use as Heroku — and five times cheaper. In 10 minutes, Convox allows you to configure and scale storage, servers, containers, load balancing, network security, and database on top of AWS without an ops team.

VentureBeat’s Jordan Novet wrote about Convox in a story published this week:

“San Francisco-based Convox can boast that it knows all about
operating infrastructure at scale — reliable Amazon infrastructure, at
that — given its three founders’ experience at Heroku. [Convox CEO David] Dollar and fellow
cofounder Noah Zoschke both joined Heroku in 2009. OpenDoor, that home-selling startup backed by superstar investors like Keith Rabois, Om Malik, and Naval Ravikant, recently moved its data science workloads from Heroku onto Convox.

…’Our job now is to bring the same Heroku-like experience to a more
raw Amazon deployment,’ Zoschke told VentureBeat. ‘You shouldn’t have to
worry about very much to take your application and put it on the
Internet and deploy your first app instantly. That’s not the case on Amazon. It’s
better than ever, but it still requires a tremendous amount of

Read the full story about Convox in VentureBeat here, and read a Hacker News discussion about Convox here.


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  • Alexis Ohanian