Design Review: Building a better mobile app

by Greg Kumparak9/1/2023

YC Group Partner Aaron Epstein and Glide co-founder David Siegel in front of the text "Mobile App Review"

How do you build the perfect mobile app? It should do all the things your users want… but not too much. It should work well wherever your users really are — whether that’s lounging on the couch, or jostling down the tracks on a crowded train. Everything has to fit on a pocket-sized screen, but you also have to make sure it's all big enough for thumbs to tap.

There’s a lot to think about. Viewers have been asking for a mobile-focused episode of Design Review — and here it is!

Design Review is our series that lets startups volunteer to have their websites (or in this case, their mobile apps) put under the microscope by two design experts. For this episode, series host and YC Group Partner Aaron Epstein is joined by David Siegel, co-founder and CEO of the no-code app builder Glide. Having previously been a Head of Design at companies like Microsoft and Xamarin, Siegel has spent much of his career thinking about how to take all of the pieces and make them fit together just right.

They’ll cover concepts like:

  • Thinking about context and where users actually are when using an app
  • Getting users to the “Aha!” moment as quickly as possible
  • How good design uses color and animation for more than just looks
  • Why it’s important to watch someone use your app out in the real world

The startups featured in this episode are Pyrls, Bluedot, Duffl, BoldVoice, and EdenCare. You can click any of those company names to find out what each of the apps is built to do… or, better yet, you can work that out in real-time along with Aaron and David.


  • Greg Kumparak

    Greg oversees editorial content at Y Combinator. He was previously an editor at TechCrunch for nearly 15 years.