Early Deadline for YC Winter 2022

by Stephanie Simon6/30/2021

The early deadline to apply for the YC Winter 2022 batch is July 19 at 8pm PT. As we wrote last batch, we created an early deadline to give founders access to YC on their timelines. Here are two of the most common questions we got last time:

Who is the early deadline for?

Based on surveying the early accepted startups last batch, the ones who got the most out of the early deadline were those who were actively fundraising.

One of the few things you can’t undo in a startup is funding terms once a deal is done. But if you join YC beforehand, we can advise you on terms, investors, and timing before signatures are on the page.

Founders also mentioned that applying early let them quit their jobs sooner and get a headstart on the YC experience (access to the community and advice).

When will I hear back with a decision?

Early interviews will be in July and early August, so you will hear back from us by then if we’d like to interview you early. If there are timing considerations we should be aware of, please make a note on your application.

We’re not sending early rejections because we know how much can change in a matter of months, and we want to give founders the option to update their applications. Everyone will hear back from us by November 19 at the latest.

We interview companies year-round but we know that deadlines are good tools for completing desired tasks. We hope the early deadline is a helpful tool for those who want to apply early, and a good reminder regardless that we are always reviewing applications.

Apply early for the YC Winter 2022 batch here.




  • Stephanie Simon

    Stephanie Simon is the Head of Admissions at Y Combinator. Prior to YC, she was a software engineer at Earnest and co-founded Murmur, a venture-backed local search startup.