Elucify (YC W16) Is an AI-Powered Plugin That Keeps Sales Contact Lists up to Date

by Y Combinator3/8/2016

Over the course of one year, 30 percent of a company’s contact
data becomes invalid due to people changing jobs and leaving positions. The cleaning, sourcing, and researching of accurate data tends to fall to the company’s salespeople, who spend over two-thirds of their days trying to find
accurate information about prospects.

Elucify does those duties automatically, letting the salespeople get back to their real jobs — selling. As an artificial intelligence-powered add-on to Salesforce, Elucify finds the most current contact information for prospective customers and updates a company’s records within 10 seconds.

TechCrunch’s Ron Miller wrote about the company in a recently published article:

“Elucify, a
member of the Y Combinator Winter 2016 class wants to solve an annoying
and persistent problem for sales people — making sure they have the most
recent customer contact data.

To solve this problem, the company created a plug-in for
Salesforce.com CRM based on machine learning and artificial
intelligence. The system connects to various public and private data
sources looking for the most current contact information, according to
Gerald Fong, Elucify CEO and co-founder.

…’The pain point we are focusing on is the pain sales teams run into
every day. They spend time hunting for [good contact] data every day.
Instead of spending time on the phone, they are spending a lot of time
on various websites trying to verify [contact] information,’ Fong told

Read the full story on TechCrunch here.


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