From shorthand notes to full blog post: A review of MobileWorks (YC S11) in Business Insider

by Y Combinator10/18/2013

I often find myself pressed for time. Wouldn’t it be great to be in two places at once, being twice as productive?

This is where a company called MobileWorks comes in extremely handy. It’s a crowdsourced virtual personal assistant platform that funnels your tasks to workers around the world based on who’s best equipped to handle them for you.

I talked to CEO Anand Kulkarni to learn about the company, took some notes, and sent those notes in to MobileWorks to have them turn it into a finished piece of writing. (I didn’t pay them for this, it was a free test-drive of the service.)

Here it is, my shorthand notes turned into a longer-form article by MobileWorks:

“We’re making hiring obsolete,” said Anand Kulkarni in a conversation with Business Insider. As CEO of MobileWorks, a fast-growing crowdsourcing company, he provides customized solutions for your business, guaranteeing accurate, high quality work with no stress on your part, and for a low cost. He’s changing the way business owners get work done.

“We’re making virtual staffers as reliable as everyday employees. We’re tracking workers all over the world to figure out who’s best for a given job,” Kulkarni said. The MobileWorks routing system matches your tasks to the most qualified workers, which means you can rest assured that your job will be completed by someone with previous experience and expertise in your field.

Read the full article in Business Insider


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