Heap (YC W13) launches analytics for iOS apps that don't require instrumentation: Capture all the swipes and taps automatically

by Y Combinator6/5/2013

Heap launched a couple months ago with a new approach to user analytics: just capture everything. It lets businesses conduct event-based analytics without having to ship code or wait for data to trickle in.

Now we’re ready to bring Heap to native iOS apps.

Mobile analytics for iPhone and iPad can be particularly egregious. If you haven’t explicitly tagged the “invite friend” event, for instance, but you need to analyze what type of users most often invite their friends, then you’re forced to:

    1. Hunt down and manually instrument the “invite friend” event within your Objective-C code.
    2. Submit updated code for App Store approval.
    3. Wait.
    4. Wait.
    5. Once the app is pushed live, wait some more for data to accumulate on the tracked event.
    6. Finally ask your question.

Heap for iOS, on the other hand, automatically captures native interactions such as taps and swipes, so that the process above reduces to “ask your question”.

Just like the Heap web analytics package, all you have to do to start capturing all events is add one Heap library:

Read the full article on the Heap blog and sign up for an invite


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