HireArt (YC W12) in the Harvard Business Review on hiring: To Attract New Grads, Hire Like a Startup

by Y Combinator5/16/2013

…Despite lacking resources, brand name, and job security of larger firms, start-ups are incredibly alluring — in fact, they get away with paying average salaries that are often 30 percent below market.

How do start-ups accomplish this? We’ve noticed two main trends. First, start-ups have mastered the art of marketing themselves effectively toward millennials (many are run by them). Job descriptions and career pages at start-ups tend to emphasize meaning and impact. For example, a recent job ad by the dating start-up Grouper (which you can see online here) promises that work there will let you make a “dent in the universe.” The implication is twofold: that the world will benefit from your work, and that there’s personal glory in it for you.

At Amicus, a different start-up that uses technology to help non-profits raise money more effectively, the first thing candidates see when they reach the careers page is that a cow will be donated in their name if they’re selected for the job. This appeals to recent graduates’ sense of humor and humanitarianism.

Read the full article at Harvard Business Review, written by the founders of HireArt


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