Hacker News Highlights, The Alan Kay Edition

by Y Combinator6/4/2016

Letters between Backus and Dijkstra

Alan Kay joins the discussion.


Why Erlang looks like it does

Alan Kay on the origins of object-oriented programming.


Ask HN: Relationship between OO and functional programming?

Even more Alan Kay.


Alan Kay’s reading list


1916 Guide Shows What the First Road Trips Were Like

HN user takes road trips in a Model A like it’s 1916.


HN user reviews little-known sci-fi novel by Ernst Junger.

richardjdare reviews The Glass Bees.


Observing Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays with Smartphones

cshimmin, a project lead, jumps in to answer questions about the research.


German WW2 code machine found on eBay

John Nagle helps explain the find.


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