Intern at a YC Company

by Jared Friedman2/14/2019

If you’re an ambitious undergrad or graduate student with an engineering background, YC can help you get an internship at a YC-backed company. You apply once, and your profile will be sent to over 50 YC startups that are looking for summer interns.

The 50 companies participating in our Work at a Startup internship program range from two people to 1,000+. They’re all well-funded, growing rapidly, and have competitive salaries for interns. They’re working on all kinds of cool new things — self-driving cars, drones, bioinformatics, fashion tech, and much more.

Working at a startup will be an intense experience. It’s a unique opportunity to learn while doing real, important work. As an intern at a startup, you won’t get stuck on a harmless side project; you’ll jump into fast-paced, mission critical work from the start. At the end of the summer, you will look back and see your code running in production and be able to point to the features you built.

If you think you might want to join a startup full-time (or start your own someday), working at an early stage company is the best way to find out what it’s like, and an internship is an especially good deal because you’re only committing for 3 months. We know that interns learn a lot of valuable skills at our startups, so we’ll give special consideration to anyone who interns at a YC company and goes on to apply to YC as a founder.

When you work at a YC company, you become part of a larger, supportive community of companies, and we want interns at YC companies to have this experience, too. We will be hosting a number of events and programs over the summer to introduce interns to each other and to the broader YC community in Silicon Valley.

Specifically, we’ll be organizing:

  • An intern dinner at YC’s headquarters, where some of YC’s top founders will tell the stories of their companies
  • A “startup crawl” in SF to see the offices of various YC companies
  • A Work at a Startup Expo over the summer, where 25+ YC startups will present career opportunities at YC’s headquarters
  • Tech talks exclusive for YC summer interns at various YC companies

The companies hiring interns are predominantly in the SF Bay Area and NYC, but we also have open internships in Atlanta, Chicago, Toronto, India, London and Malaysia. The events YC organizes will be in the Bay Area.

Finding summer housing in the Bay Area is usually a big chore, so we’re excited to be rolling out a program (more details soon) with some great YC companies to make it easy: PadPiper, Starcity, and Zeus. To reach more students, we’re working with InsideSherpa, a YC company that creates online training programs for college students. If you want more practice the types of tasks you might take on at a startup, you can enroll in the YC ‘Learn to Work at a Start-Up’ Training Course on InsideSherpa here.

If you’re interested, you can see the companies hiring interns and apply with a common application at


  • Jared Friedman

    Jared is Managing Director, Software and Group Partner at YC. He was cofounder of Scribd, which was funded by Y Combinator in 2006 and grew to be one of the top 100 sites on the web.