Lugg (YC S15) Is Like Uber But For Moving Stuff, Not People, Around Town

by Alexis Ohanian8/27/2015

When you decide to buy a larger item such as a couch or a table, you also have to think about how you’re going to get it back home. Unless you personally own a truck or van (and have the muscles to load and unload it), you have to track down a friend who does — or search for a local mover or specialized delivery service to help out. The whole process can add just enough complexity and extra cost to make the entire experience a drag.

Lugg is a company that launched this month out of our Summer 2015 class that wants to take away that pain, with an on-demand platform for easily moving larger items, such as furniture, around town. As Drew Prindle at Digital Trends wrote, it’s like Uber, but for moving stuff.

This week, Sarah Perez wrote about Lugg and its new $3.8 million seed funding round in an article published in TechCrunch:

“First launched in the San Francisco Bay Area in
early 2015, the idea for Lugg came from Jordan Brown, who previously
worked at a healthcare startup, but found himself facing the problem
Lugg aims to solve first-hand. Many of us, both with and without cars,
can also relate. We often have to make special, and sometimes expensive,
delivery arrangements for our bigger purchases that don’t fit in
standard-sized vehicles, or we have to hunt down someone who has a truck
and convince them to help us.

Other times, we simply miss out on deals – such as in the case of
larger, secondhand items like those you find at garage sales or in
classified ads, for example.

Lugg offers an alternative by connecting you with local movers who
will meet you at a pick-up site in around 20 minutes with their own
vehicle equipped to handle your item. To use Lugg, consumers simply snap
a photo of the item with the Lugg mobile app, enter their location and
the destination. Similar to Uber, payment is handled in the app itself.”

Read the full story here.


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  • Alexis Ohanian