MakeGamesWithUs Summer Academy (YC W12) receives 1,000 applications for their new game design course

by Alexis Ohanian1/21/2014

On the MakeGamesWithUs blog:

A little over a month ago we quietly launched our new Summer Academy, a 2 month in-person course where students will design, code and ship their own original iPhone game. In the first month, we received 1,000 applications (400 final, 600 drafts). This year we’ll have 200 spots for the Summer Academy meaning we’re on pace to be as selective as top colleges in our inaugural class.

“I see a day when the traditional four-year college degree will be replaced… which is where [MakeGamesWithUs] comes in.” —San Jose Mercury News

The Summer Academy is a spinoff of our wildly popular internship program where we had 75 college and high school students building games out of our living room. Between the two years we’ve run the internship, and the courses at MIT and UC Berkeley created off our curriculum over 200 students have taken our in-person courses. And thanks in part to being featured in the Hour of Codeover half a million students have started learning to build iPhone games on our website.

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  • Alexis Ohanian