Meet Flockjay, a Company in the YC Winter 2019 Batch

by Y Combinator12/18/2018

At YC, founders decide when they want to announce that they’re part of the program. Internally we call this a company’s “YC launch”. Starting January we’ll publish a weekly post that highlights recently launched W19 companies.

Meet Flockjay, the first YC W19 company to announce that they’re part of the batch.

Flockjay is a $0-upfront online sales academy that gives diverse jobseekers the tools and training they need to launch their tech careers, without code. Over 12 weeks, students receive expert coaching, interview with top companies, and join a community of mentors. Flockjay’s hired graduates make 2x or more than their current income, and can make real impact at breakout tech companies.

Flockjay’s mission is to make tech accessible for people from underrepresented communities. They invest in their students, train and coach them for free, and only get paid if they get a job. They are a team of builders and teachers working with groups representing different races, genders, sexual orientations, socioeconomic/ educational backgrounds, geographic locations, and ages to attract high potential applicants.

You can ask the founder and team anything today on Product Hunt.


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