Meetingbird Is the Calendar Reinvented for Teams (YC S17)

by Y Combinator8/3/2017

Today Meetingbird is available as a full web app calendar and as a Chrome extension.

We’re excited about Meetingbird because they’re intelligently tackling a pain we’ve all felt. Calendars have always been built for the individual, not for the team. As a result, as teams grow past about 40 employees, calendars become so busy that optimal scheduling and time management is almost impossible without software.

Meetingbird analyzes participant’s availability, meeting rooms, and other constraints to instantly find the perfect meeting time and location. When team members’ calendars are completely booked, Meetingbird understands which meetings can more easily be rescheduled than others, and presents those insights to the participants.

You can learn more on:
Product HuntMeetingbird for Gmail – View your calendar and schedule meetings right from Gmail
Hacker NewsLaunch HN: Meetingbird (YC S17) – A Calendar for Teams


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