Meetings Are Usually Terrible, But WorkLife (YC W15) Aims To Change That

by Y Combinator3/11/2015

“I’m guessing that everyone reading this post has been in a meeting that made you hate your life. You know, where one or two people drone on and on, half of the attendees seem to be talking past each other, and at the end no one’s sure what’s been decide or who’s responsible for doing what.

Well, a startup called WorkLife has built tools designed to make meetings better. It’s part of the current batch of startups incubated at Y Combinator, and I got on the phone last week with co-founder and CEO Dave Kashen to discuss the product.

Naturally, we used WorkLife during our call. There are other startups promising to make meetings better, but what struck me about Kashen’s product is its simplicity — it doesn’t require any big changes in existing behavior, but it could still be pretty helpful.” 

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