Meldium (YC W13) raises $1M in seed funding to help teams manage their passwords securely

by Y Combinator7/17/2013

Startup Meldium now has $1 million in seed funding to help ease password-management headaches for businesses.

And that’s no easy task. Speaking from experience, I have about four or five outside accounts — for photos, for site tracking, etc., for work as well as personal Twitter, Facebook and other accounts — and I probably use fewer apps than most of my colleagues. Worse, all those passwords are not-so-securely stashed on Post-it notes and/or a spreadsheet. That’s a problem, especially for younger companies that grew up on web applications like GitHub, Box, Asana and Dropbox.

For older companies nurtured on client-server applications, passwords and access rules typically sit on a single server — a mode that does not work so well now. “We aggregate all that — all the user and account data via  API connections to those services,” in an access-management layer, co-founder Boris Jabes said in an interview.

“We see people just love using more apps, but that gets more and more confusing. It’s not just about the passwords but who has access to what,” said Jabes, who spent seven years at Microsoft’s tools group. His co-founders Anton Vaynshtok and Bradley Buda are both Amazon alums.

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Be more secure and use Meldium to manage your team’s passwords


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