Mux Is Google Analytics for Video

by Y Combinator8/31/2016

By monitoring user behavior, Netflix is able to create successful shows 2X more often than traditional TV. They gather and analyze granular data points around browsing and viewing behaviours. By aggregating these data points to generate insights, Netflix can determine factors that have the most impact on user experience.

Mux is bringing Netflix-like analytics to any video developer and media publisher. Users insert a few lines of code into their website – just like Google Analytics – and Mux will start gathering data on video performance in real-time.

Aside from large video platforms such as Netflix and Youtube, media companies don’t have access to this type of software. “Very few companies use performance analytic tools because they don’t have a dedicated engineering team, but they’re starting to think about it as the online video market is maturing,” says Jon Dahl, co-founder of Mux. “Ten years ago, we built software but didn’t have a good way of monitoring it. Now we have companies like New Relic which continuously monitor our applications. This same trend is happening with online video.”

Mux is starting with analytics but plans to transition into creating immediate, actionable insights from that data. By leveraging machine learning, Mux will be able to give its users a holistic view of their platform and pinpoint things they can do to drastically improve a user’s experience.

The four behind Mux are Adam Brown, Matthew McClure, Steve Heffman, and Jonathan Dahl. This is the second video startup for the team behind Mux. They created Zencoder (YC S10), which became the leader in cloud video encoding before selling to Brightcove in 2012.


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