How AI will create more successful founders

by Dalton Caldwell5/24/2024

When a major new technology comes out, huge new opportunities open up for founders that get in on the ground floor. Fortunes were made when the app store came out, when online payments became easy, and when the web itself was brand new.

Moments like these don’t happen often. When they do, it’s the people that put themselves right at the bleeding edge that find the opportunities — the people who pay attention to each new thing, pull threads, and search for the problems they can solve now that no one could solve before. It’s the people who stay informed and move that get to choose their paths.

In this episode of Dalton and Michael we’ll talk about why this is that moment for AI, who will find those opportunities, and where to look for the people that’ll help you find them faster.


  • Dalton Caldwell

    Dalton is Managing Director, Architect and Group Partner at YC. He was the cofounder and CEO of imeem (acquired by MySpace in 2009), and the cofounder and CEO of