PaveAI (YC W16) Takes the Technical Work Out of Google Analytics

by Alexis Ohanian3/16/2016

Google Analytics can be confusing for small and medium-sized businesses without a dedicated analytics team. Often times non-technical users are overwhelmed with their dashboard and have no idea of what it all means. Moreover, tracking critical things like conversions require technical support. As a result, companies struggle and give up or end up losing money on ineffective marketing strategies.

PaveAI is a company launching out of our current Winter 2016 class that helps businesses make the most out of Google Analytics. Frustrated with setting up analytics for his own website, ex-Googler Jash Patel started PaveAI along with his co-founder Eric Ho.

To make things easy, PaveAI sets up Google Analytics, analyzes the data, and returns specific insights designed to increase revenue and improve marketing strategies. These reports inform users which marketing and advertising efforts are working, which are not working, and ways to improve.

Current analytics solutions available are only built for technical users but PaveAI does all the legwork with just a few buttons, removing any need for technical knowledge or support. Business plans start at $49/month.

Learn more about PaveAI here.


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  • Alexis Ohanian