Pebble e-Paper Watch has raised over $4.1M, setting new Kickstarter all-time records

by Alexis Ohanian4/18/2012

Congrats to Eric and the InPulse team (YC W11) — they’ve created something truly remarkable in the Pebble e-Paper watch. 

So far, Migicovsky has raised more than $3.8 million (ed: now $4.1M), making the watch the highest-grossing project since Kickstarter was founded two years ago, a spokesman for the website said. The fundraising will go for another 31 days, and then Pebble gets to collect the money it has raised.

Kickstarter takes submissions from aspiring authors, hardware tinkerers, thespians and video-game developers with good ideas and video cameras to shoot their pitches. Some 1.75 million people have given more than $185 million to 20,000 projects on Kickstarter, a spokesman said.

Migicovsky said he’s more adept at pitching to consumers than to venture capitalists.

“With VCs, they worry about models and size of market and stuff like that,” he said. “With consumers, one of the things I love about the videos, we just showed how you’re going to use it.”

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  • Alexis Ohanian