Plivo (YC S12) launches "bring your own carrier" so large companies don't have to switch

by Y Combinator8/14/2013

Cloud telephony has brought big benefits for companies, many of which can now trash their complex on-premises infrastructure in favor of cheaper cloud options.

But making that change is more complicated for large companies. Many cloud telephony providers require customers to use a telecommunications carrier that they provide. That’s a problem for enterprises that have already built infrastructure with another carrier. They also often are locked into contracts with these carriers. It’s analogous to consumers who are locked into mobile plans, except companies changing to another carrier often have to make big changes, moving many phone numbers and phone lines.

To address this, Y Combinator startup Plivo is launching its “Bring Your Own Carrier” model. Now large companies can bring a carrier they already work with, and use their existing phone numbers and outgoing phone routes.

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