Polly Is a Fun Social Polling App for Teens (YC S17)

by Y Combinator9/26/2017

Polly (YC S17) is a fun social polling app for teens. The app allows users to create multiple-choice polls for sharing on Snapchat and other platforms. Polly was created by the team from Whale (video Q&A) which pivoted into Polly during the summer program.

Left to right (Ranidu Lankage, CEO; James Zhang, CTO; Vicc Alexander, Co-founder)

Polly launched in stealth in August and it quickly became popular among teens, with 20 million people voting over 100 million times across 5 million polls in the past month. After seeing immediate traction with the mobile-web product, the team launched native apps for both iOS and Android, where the apps have already ranked in the top 15 in the social networking category across many countries.

In addition to being a casual social tool, Polly can also be used to gather opinions about popular brands. For instance, Polly received thousands of responses from teens on some of its own polls related to topics such as breakfast cereals and Starbucks drinks. Brands and influencers can also create their own polls to gather feedback from consumers.

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