Prompt (YC W16) Lets You Interact With Apps and Services With a Simple Text or Slack Message

by Y Combinator3/9/2016

It seems like there’s an app for everything these days. This leaves us with the somewhat absurd but real problem of “app overload” — it can be time consuming and distracting to open up a dozen different apps to do the stuff you’re wanting to get done.

Prompt is a company launching out of our Winter 2016 class that serves as a “command line for the real world,” by letting you interact with all kinds of apps and make purchases through simply sending an SMS, Slack message, or through the web. It lets you access the best parts of your favorite apps quicker and easier than ever.

Sarah Perez wrote about Prompt recently in a story on TechCrunch:

“Prompt offers automated assistance across categories, including
commerce, home automation, information and productivity. That means you
can text to order an Uber or a Domino’s pizza, get directions, check
your flight, read the news or get the weather, find a business on Yelp,
get a recipe or manage your IoT devices like WeMo switches, Hue bulbs,
Rachio sprinklers or Nest, among other things.

At launch, there are already a ton of integrations, including Uber,
AngelList, Bitly, Etsy, Foursquare, Google Maps, IMDb, WhoIs,
Merriam-Webster, Hue, Powerball, NYT, Weather Channel, Wikipedia, WeMo,, Wolfram Alpha, Yahoo Finance, Yelp, Zillow and many others, just
to give you an idea. Several more are in the works, including access to
CrunchBase, Domino’s, Evernote, Gmail and Google Calendar, PayPal and

Read the full story about Prompt and how it was developed here. Developers can check out Prompt’s SDK here.


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