Quiet giant Weebly (YC W07) reports over 75M monthly visitors and 11M websites created

by Alexis Ohanian5/2/2012

Weebly has been doing great, as reported by AllThingsD today:

Web site creation and hosting service Weebly is a bit of a quiet online giant. Founded six years ago, the company has helped users create more than 11 million Web sites, with 75 million monthly visitors.

Though most everything the company provides is free, with no ads, it has been profitable since the beginning of 2009, based on charging a few dollars per month for premium features like larger uploads and selling domain names.

In fact, Weebly is so profitable that co-founder and CEO David Rusenko told me yesterday that it may well go public within the next few years. I think the expression on my face could be described as “Wha??”

“It all comes down to the growth rate,” he continued. “Within a few years, I expect we will have the profile to IPO.”

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