Soundboks (YC W16) is Making the World’s Loudest Battery-Powered Speaker

by Alexis Ohanian3/18/2016

Soundboks is a company in our Winter 2016 class that has created the first
and only portable speaker capable of throwing a real party. It is shockproof, weatherproof, and temperature resistant.

Stanley Goodner wrote about Soundboks in Gizmag:

“For pool events, camping,
or backyard cookouts, boombox-sized speakers can be found supplying ample
amounts of audio. We’ve reviewed the audiophile-grade Nano HiFi NH1 as well as
the rugged JBL Xtreme, both of which delivered appreciably well. But they
likely pale in comparison to the Soundboks, which houses a pair each of 96 dB
low-frequency drivers, 98 dB high-frequency dynamic drivers, sound pressure
level (SPL) speaker units, and 42 W digital amps.

Soundboks uses
custom-designed amplifiers that help to enhance battery life while optimizing
sound for outdoor usage. With its dual-phase boost function, this speaker is
designed to generate up to maximum 119 dB of sound. The volume dial – quite
literally – turns to an 11 for an experience similar to that of a live

Read the full story here and learn more about Soundboks from their Kickstarter campaign


  • Alexis Ohanian