Startup School Online: Registration and Deals

by Steven Pham3/17/2017

Startup School online registration will be open from March 20th, 2017 to March 27th, 2017.

Since the announcement of Startup School Online, we’ve received nearly 50,000 signups from prospective founders from Brazil, Zimbabwe, Vietnam, Bahrain, Nepal and over 100 other countries. From this tremendous response, the future of startups and the impact they will have on the world looks extremely bright.

While we were hoping to be able to accept everyone into the Startup Founder track, we will only be able to accommodate several thousand companies for this first run of Startup School. We are providing individual advice, and it’s important for us to maintain a great experience for participating companies.

We will ask people interested in the Startup Founder track to fill out a short application form, and we’ll notify you by April 3rd if you’ll be in that track. Everyone else will be able to watch the lectures and view the course material–no application or registration is necessary for that. Over time, we hope to expand the number of companies we can provide individual advice to.

In addition, as a special offer for people in the Startup Founder track, many great companies are offering services that can help founders get their startup up and running. A few of the most helpful ones are below. More deals and details on how to redeem them will be available as we near the start of class.

Amazon Web Services
AWS understands the value of Startup School and is stepping up to support each company that goes through the program. AWS will provide credits, access and technical support for many of our students to use as they begin to build their companies.

Clerky helps startups and their attorneys get legal paperwork done. They help startups complete set of formation paperwork, from incorporation to founder stock issuance to foreign qualification. Startup School companies who use Clerky to incorporate and do their post-incorporation setup will get access to Clerky’s private beta for fundraising and hiring, and can raise their first $1 million of seed funding for free using Clerky.

Google Cloud
Use Google’s core infrastructure, data analytics and machines learning to build whats next. Google Cloud is excited to offer access to GCP credits and technical support to Startup School participants.

Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure is an open, flexible, enterprise-grade cloud computing platform. They are excited to support students attending Y Combinator’s MOOC with Azure credits for use against a wide variety of IaaS & PaaS services including Machine Learning, Cognitive Services, IOT, Big Data platforms and a full library of pre-configured solutions.

Stripe Atlas
All Startup School Online students will receive an invitation to Stripe Atlas, which provides entrepreneurs anywhere in the world with the building blocks they need to start a global company. Atlas helps founders incorporate a U.S. company, open a business bank account at Silicon Valley Bank, obtain an employer identification number from the IRS, set up a Stripe account to accept global payments, and access legal and tax guidance.


  • Steven Pham

    Steven is the Online Community Director at YC. Previously, he built and ran Startup School, YC's free online course for startups, and worked on Special Projects at YC.