StatusPage (YC S13) launches: Now anyone can have a status page as good as Parse, New Relic, or Shopify's

by Y Combinator7/16/2013

Y Combinator-backed StatusPage is in the fortunate position of having paying customers like Jawbone, Shopify, New Relic, Parse, Ping Identity and Zendesk, ahead of today’s official debut. The startup, as you may have guessed, offers a hosted status page for any company with a website, service or application. It’s the kind of thing many businesses want to offer their customers, but often don’t have the time or resources to build themselves.

In addition to showing the items being tracked and their current status, StatusPage also allows companies to communicate to customers about the problems and how they’re being resolved, both on the site, as well as via email or text. Beneath the page’s dashboard and accompanying graphs, a history of previous incident reports is also available. (Here’s an example.)

Scott says that the entire time it takes for a company to get their page set up and ready to go is realistically around 15 to 30 minutes at most. “One of the reasons people don’t do this is because they’re strapped for development time,” he says. “So one of the challenges for us is to really get this done without any developer time.”  The page can actually be set up by anyone who knows the basic CSS colors and has the images the company wants to use (like a logo), Scott explains; that could be a somewhat technical office staffer if developers are too busy.

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