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Syndicated rounds: When you can’t find a Series A lead

by Janelle Tam6/24/2020

Series As usually require a founder to secure a single large investor: a lead.This is because the Series A is usually a company’s first priced round, which iswhen crucial terms around governance and control (like board composition) aredecided.Having a lead makes it easier to agree on terms: you negotiate 1:1 with the leadand everyone else follows. It also simplifies the fundraising process: all youhave to do is convince one person to believe in your vision.

Advice for job seekers on resumes and standing out

by Ryan Choi5/19/2020

In my role here at YC, I spend a lot of time with job seekers doing 1-1s andresume reviews. Below are my most common pieces of advice.Mail me your resume ( ) if youwant feedback or pointers.

Startup HR: What’s important?

by Renee Mars5/7/2020

In the early stages of working on a startup, there is little time to spend onareas other than product development and talking to users. However, as you startto hire people and build a team, there are HR fundamentals worth investing in.Having basic HR practices in place can help your startup scale quickly and mayeliminate unforeseen and often costly problems down the road.The People PersonMany founders ask me “when is the right time to hire a HR person?”.

YC’s Director of Events on Hosting a Virtual Event

by Lindsay Selvitelle4/17/2020

It’s likely that the responsibility of hosting virtual events no longer fallssolely on the webinar expert in your organization. It’s now a necessity for allteams to host their own virtual events to stay connected with customers,employees and followers. The uptick in virtual events at YC — and amongst YCcompanies — has reminded us that the details matter. For an audience to find anevent truly valuable, you have to remove distractions and over prepare for thehiccups.

YC Alum Advice for Managing Remote Teams

by Kat Mañalac3/27/2020

We hosted a virtual panel with YC alum on best practices for managing a remoteteam.

YC's New Guide to Raising a Series A

by Aaron Harris2/26/2020

We started YC’s Series A Program two years ago to fix aproblem faced by every startup raising an A: VCs understand how Series A’s workand founders do not. This asymmetry of information puts founders at asignificant disadvantage. Much as YC had done for seed stage financings – wedecided to resolve that asymmetry in order to help founders.We also made another commitment: to share as much of what we learned with asmany founders as possible.

How to Cope With Founder Depression

by Aaron Harris1/6/2020

YC Partner Aaron Harris on how to cope with founderdepression.