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YC W17 Launch: Credy, Upcall, and Kangpe

by Y Combinator3/18/2017

We’re in the middle of YC’s W17 batch. As companies launch they’ll be doing aQ&A on Hacker News – aka Launch HN – in addition to being included in a roundupon the blog. Here are the companies that have recently launched.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Credy What does your company do?Credy is a peer-to-peer lending platform for India.

Flutterwave is Building Digital Payment Infrastructure for Africa

by Y Combinator8/10/2016

Flutterwave is an API that lets you process creditcard and local alternative payments, like mobile money and ACH, across Africa.They make it possible for global merchants to process payments like a localAfrican company.

OMG Digital is BuzzFeed for Africa

by Y Combinator7/12/2016

OMG Digital is creating a publication for Africa’s 250million millennials. Their first site, OMGVoice, focuses on entertainment andlifestyle content that caters to Kenya, Ghana, and Nigeria. Since its launch 5months ago, OMGVoice has grown its readership to 3 million unique monthlyreaders.“A lot of African media companies are stuck in the past. They’re trying torecreate the print experience online,” says Jesse Ahin Ghansah, co-founder ofOMG Digital.

Oolu (YC S15) Supplies Affordable Solar Energy To Off-Grid Villages In West Africa

by Alexis Ohanian8/4/2015

Though West Africa has some of the best conditions for solar power on theplanet, the penetration of solar home systems in the region is extremely low —and some 150 million people in West Africa are currently without any electricityat all. Families in off-grid West Africa are forced to use expensive, poorquality lanterns and flashlights or dangerous candles and kerosene to lighttheir homes. Often, residents travel many miles just to charge their cellphones. Oolu [http://www.

Afrostream (YC S15) Makes It Easy To Find And Watch African And African-American Movies

by Alexis Ohanian7/17/2015

Afrostream is a startup launching out of our current class that has built amovie streaming service that specifically highlights films with African andAfrican-American actors and themes. Starting in September, Afrostream will be available in France, Belgium,Switzerland, Senegal, and the Ivory Coast and cost €7 per month.

GiveMeTap (YC W15) Offers Free Water, Footfall Data For Stores, AND Helps Africa

by Y Combinator3/20/2015

YC welcomes GiveMeTap to the Winter 2015 batch: > “Despite the growth in reusable water bottles, keeping them refilled is tough.Ironically, consumers either end up buying a plastic bottle of water, are forcedto use a toilet to refill, or feel obliged to buy something from a store beforeasking for a refill of water. GiveMeTap is a new graduate of theY Combinator accelerator with a rather clever idea.