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11 YC startups hiring for biology, life sciences, chemistry and data informatics roles

by Ryan Choi8/12/2021

Today, YC funds more seed stage biotech companies than any other investor. To help further the mission of our biotech and hard science startups, YC is now expanding YC’s job platform to support science-related roles.

The Pre-Product Startup and the FDA

by Reshma Khilnani, Jared Seehafer3/3/2021

A frequent question we get at YC is “when do I start thinking about the FDA Obviously, there is no single answer to such a complex question, but here are some basic rules of thumb for how to think about it.

FDA: Orientation for Early Stage Startups

by Reshma Khilnani, Jared Seehafer3/2/2021

One of the most common topics YC Bio founders ask us about is the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the broader regulatory environment. As a starting point, we wanted to touch on some of the most important concepts bio founders should think about.

How to Start a Biotech Company on a Budget

by Reshma Khilnani1/20/2021

Running a biotech company is capital intensive, and this can make itintimidating to get started. Founders sometimes face a chicken and egg problem:how do you make progress without millions of dollars in funding, and how do youraise millions of dollars in funding without having made progress?However, it is quite possible today to start a biotech company on a shoestringbudget ($0-$200k starting costs). Many successful biotech companies started injust this way.

How to spin your scientific research out of a university and into a startup

by Jared Friedman10/28/2020

This is advice for people who have done scientific research at a university andare considering starting a company to commercialize it.At YC, we’ve funded more than 75 companies in this situation. We also recentlywent on a Bio Tour where wewent around to research universities and talked with hundreds of students andprofessors in the life sciences about commercializing their research.

First YC Bio company to start clinical trials

by Jared Friedman10/14/2020

Shasqi is the first YC Bio company to start first-in-humanclinical trials for a drug.We’re very excited to share the news that Shasqi is the first YC Bio company to have a drug enter first-in-humanclinical trials1.

Responding to COVID-19

by Jared Friedman3/25/2020

In order to confront the COVID-19 crisis, we need to immediately mobilize globalscientific and technical talent. There are already a number of YC companies that are helping with the crisis, and we’relooking for more startups that, if successful, could alter the trajectory ofCOVID-19.