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Open Application for YC Growth Program

by Ali Rowghani1/30/2018

We are delighted to invite interested founders to apply to the YC Growth Program. If you would like tobe considered for admission, please complete this application. It shouldtake about an hour to complete and all questions must be answered. The purposeis to get to know your company and to assess your fit for the Program. Thedeadline for application is February 23, 2018.

Announcing YC’s Growth Stage Program

by Ali Rowghani12/14/2017

We sent the message below to all our YC founders yesterday. Today, we areexcited to share the news of our Growth Program with our friends outside of YC.—We launched YC’s Continuity Fund two years ago because we felt that there wasmore that YC could do to help companies as they scaled, not just with capital,but also with advice and mentorship modeled on how YC has been helping startupsfor years.

Growth Office Hours with Anu Hariharan and Gustaf Alstromer

by Y Combinator12/1/2017

Anu Hariharan and Gustaf Alstromer are partners at YC.This episode is a follow-up to Anu’s Growth Guide.

The Two Most Common Mistakes Growth Stage Founders Make

by Y Combinator8/22/2017

In this Office Hours excerpt, AliRowghani shares the twomost common mistakes growth stage founders make.1. Not Recognizing The Job Description Changes As You GrowThe job of a founder at a 10-20 person company is different than at a 50+ personcompany. In the first phase it’s about building a product and findingproduct/market fit. In phase two[https://ycombinator.

Scaling Growth | Gustaf Alstromer (YC Partner + Airbnb) & Ed Baker (Uber)

by Y Combinator6/22/2017

Gustaf Alstromer, YC’s newest Partner (formerlyproduct lead for Growth at Airbnb) joined a panel with Ed Baker, (former Head ofGrowth at Uber), to share tips on growth experiments and team dynamics at ascaling company.Topics discussed:What is a north star metric for growth? If you talk to anyone on the growthteam, and ask them, “what number are we trying to grow.” They’d be able to saythat number.

The Job of a CFO at a Scaling Company | Sarah Friar (CFO of Square) & Jason Child (CFO of Opendoor)

by Y Combinator6/20/2017

Anu Hariharan, YC Partner on the Continuity Fund, sat down with Sarah Friar andJason Child to dig into the job of a CFO at a scaling company.Topics discussed:Look for a strategic partner in your CFO. You shouldn’t think about who you needtoday, you should think about who you will need in the near future. Break bread,determine if you’d be able to work with this person and respectfully disagree inthe heat of an IPO. Look for someone who is the yin to your yang.

Office Hours with Ali Rowghani

by Y Combinator6/14/2017

Ali Rowghani is CEO of Y Combinator Continuity, where he invests in and advisesgrowth-stage startups. Ali directly contributed to the growth of two greatcompanies — at Twitter, as CFO then COO, and at Pixar as CFO and SVP ofStrategic Planning.