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Data Packages for Fast, Reproducible Python Analysis

by Aneesh Karve4/25/2017

The tragedy of data science is that 79% of an analyst’s time goes to data preparation. Data preparation is not only tedious, it steals timefrom analysis.A data package is an abstraction that encapsulates and automates datapreparation. More specifically, a data package is a tree of serialized datawrapped in a Python module.

How GetAccept Achieved 100% Uptime

by Jonas Blanck4/21/2017

GetAccept (YC W16) is an e-signature tool withdocument tracking and smart sales automation. Before launching our platform atthe end of 2015 we spent months researching and working to configure the perfecthosting environment for our SaaS application and would like to share it withyou.

From edge2cat to edge2anything with TensorFlow

by Dan Whitenack4/14/2017

Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the past few months, you havelikely seen Christopher Hesse’s demo of image-to-image translation (a Tensorflow port of pix2pix by Isola et al. ). In caseyou missed it, search for edge2cat , and awhole new world of cat-infused artificial intelligence will be opened to you.