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YC is back in person

by Michael Seibel6/8/2022

Dalton and Michael announce the S22 batch will be in person, talk about trends among the most recent YC applicants, where founders are moving, the economic downturn, and the impact of the new standard deal.

ICYMI: Watch 40+ founders pitch at YC's Work at a Startup Expo

by Ryan Choi12/11/2020

If you’ve ever wondered what YC’s Demo Day is like, YC’s annual Work at a Startup Expo is a peek behindthe curtain. Founders share what’s unique about their company, business andteam, and attendees get to meet founders 1-1 to learn more.

Meet 8 YC startups that are hiring right now

by Ryan Choi4/9/2020

Many YC startups are actively hiring on Work at a Startup across engineering, product, design, marketingand more. We asked founders to shoot a 30-second video describing theirbusinesses and open roles. Meet them below:About each company: * Curebase is a CRO and software platform for distributed clinical trials.Hiring: Software Engineer, Trial Manager and Product Manager. * Curtsy [https://www.

How to Cope With Founder Depression

by Aaron Harris1/6/2020

YC Partner Aaron Harris on how to cope with founderdepression.

How To Build Product As A Small Startup

by Michael Seibel12/27/2019

Y Combinator CEO and Partner Michael Seibel shares a process for building product as a small startup.

Amber Atherton of Zyper and Iba Masood of TARA on Raising a Series A as a Female Founder

by Y Combinator12/18/2019

Amber Atherton is the founder and CEO of Zyper (YC W18).Iba Masood is the cofounder and CEO of TARA (YC W15).

Laks Srini on Making Homeownership in Reach with ZeroDown

by Y Combinator12/11/2019

Laks Srini is the cofounder and CTO of ZeroDown. Before that he was the cofounder and CTO of Zenefits.You can find him on Twitter at @laks_srini .--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Topics00:10 – What is ZeroDown?1:30 – How did they test the idea?3:30 [https://youtu.