The Monday Morning Macro: June 26, 2017

by Y Combinator6/27/2017

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Scaling Growth | Gustaf Alstromer (YC Partner + Airbnb) & Ed Baker (Uber)
Gustaf Alstromer, YC’s newest Partner (formerly product lead for Growth at Airbnb) joined a panel with Ed Baker, (former Head of Growth at Uber), to share tips on growth experiments and team dynamics at a scaling company.

Welcome Eric, Gustaf, and Jocelyn
We’re excited to welcome Eric, Gustaf, and Jocelyn to the YC Team. Gustaf Alstromer is joining YC as a partner. Eric Migicovsky is joining YC as a Visiting Partner. Jocelyn Robancho is joining YC as the Assistant Batch Director.

How Should Business Schools Prepare Students for Startups? – Jeff Bussgang and Michael Seibel
A conversation about business schools and startups with Jeff Bussgang, a lecturer at Harvard Business School and General Partner at Flybridge Capital Partners. Jeff called in to talk with Michael Seibel after Michael tweeted about trends he saw in YC applications from MBAs. Since we recorded this interview, HBS announced a joint degree program that combines their MBA with an MS degree, which you can learn more about on Jeff’s blog.

The Job of a CFO at a Scaling Company | Sarah Friar (CFO of Square) & Jason Child (CFO of Opendoor)
Anu Hariharan, YC Partner on the Continuity Fund, sat down with Sarah Friar (Square, Salesforce) and Jason Child (Opendoor, Groupon, Amazon) to dig into the job of a CFO at a scaling company.

How Can You Become A Good Manager?
In an excerpt from his Office Hours, Ali Rowghani shares his thoughts on how to become a good manager.

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