TRAC (YC W16) Brings Race Timing and Analytics Into the 21st Century

by Y Combinator3/22/2016

Over 26,000 running races occur within the United States each year, and worldwide, road races
generate an estimated $8 billion annually in fees. However, this fast-growing
segment of the sports industry has missed out on advances in innovation
that have begun to transform other parts of the entertainment and
wellness industries.

TRAC is a company launching out of our Winter 2016 class that wants to finally bring race timing and analysis into the 21st century, with a proprietary, flexible, on-demand race timing solution.

Deborah Gage at the Wall Street Journal wrote a story about TRAC this week:

“In a sparsely furnished apartment in Mountain View, Calif., Griffin
Kelly and Elliot Hevel, both 24 and shoeless, are working on their first
startup –Timing and Racing Around the Clock Inc., which makes a timing device, TRAC, that measures runners’ speed.

Both are runners who graduated from Northwestern University in 2013
with masters’ degrees in engineering. They have made a software-powered
device that can be mounted on a tripod and operated by a smartphone,
remotely if necessary, reading runners’ RFID chips as they cross the
finish line and at various points along a race to calculate their times.”

Read the full story here.


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